Brian O’Hara

Since childhood, Brian O'Hara has been drawn to words. He began mirror writing from the start and it wasn't until adulthood, when he was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia, that he understood why. He'd kept it secret for so many years and now uses it in his art and as the core element in his company OHARA as a means of, not only bringing awareness to dyslexia, but of spreading positivity and encouragement to the world. The son of an NSA cryptographer, words, codes and patterns are in his blood and Brian's unique talent creates visuals that are at once beautiful and inspiring.

Prior to OHARA, Brian utilized his 20+ years of experience in fashion, design and brand direction to build a compelling portfolio of more than 20 large-scale projects encompassing upscale restaurants, residential and commercial properties to fashion brands.

He has headed production design for major television and motion picture production companies including Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Lionsgate, Lifetime and CBS Studios, In 2008, he received an ADG award nomination for “Best Production Design” for the film Frost/Nixon.

OHARA is a design house renowned for evocative prints and iconic designs. We transform how people connect with art and objects emotionally—bringing enlightenment and balance to home, work and play.

A positive and empowering lifestyle brand, OHARA marries creativity and function, delighting art enthusiasts with original prints for walls, home décor, fashion, and accessories.